what I dislike about Highster MobileTo begin with the Highster Mobile Cell spy software had very little that I disliked but in saying that there were a few things that annoyed me more than anything.

Before you decide to purchase Highster Mobile I thought I would put a quick list together of those things that I found annoying.

You personally may not experience these issues.

  • When I first downloaded the Highster Mobile Software I found the initial setup instruction very hard to follow. Although there support team did help me get it up and running. Since then they have obviously had a few complaints and the setup guide is now much easier to understand.
  • Ok,The second thing that peed me off was there support takes around 48hrs to get back to you. I’m not sure but I assume that this has been rectified.
  • The initial interface that you setup was a little tricky to get around I wasn’t sure where to go to collect the information that the software was collecting for me. I must say that issue was really only a problem because I tried to use the software without really using or referring to the user manual that comes with the software.
  • So overall the pro’s on this product totally out weighed the negative points. I love the product now and it has been a god sent when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of my children.

If you notice that in my about me page I have four lovely children so this product that was extremely cheap will be of great use to me for years to come.