Hi there all, I thought you would like to know all the stuff about Highster Mobile that I loved. Below I have written a small list of the pro’s with this unique cell spy software Highster Mobile. In fact there are many more advantages with Highster Mobile than I have listed here, I have just listed those things that stood out to me for the purpose of this Highster Mobile review I’m sure you will find that there are many more good points with this software. See below for my list on features that I loved:

  • In my opinion its the best cell spy software available anywhere and its compatible with absolutely every type of cell phone.
  • Highster Mobile will track every text message word for word, there for will have the entire message and sender plus receiver stored on your personal data account.
  • It will track the numbers that have rung and also the number that have called the target phone including all the information about who was called or who called the target phone
  • You can actually listen in on every call live word for word on both inbound and outbound calls made or received.
  • Enables you to see there exact location at any time of the day or night with the GPS tracking. – Is your partner working or at the pub,   Are the kids still at school or the mall where you dropped them off, It would be great for business owners with Company Cars so you can track your employees for increased productivity and to lower costs on fuel and logistics. There location is displayed on a detailed Map through google maps.
  • Simple 5 minute Setup, registration and Activation. With a complete step by step guide on getting up and running.
  • The software has a cloaking device so the phone being tracked will never know that the software has been enabled on there cell.
  • Highster mobile will cost you a very small investment and then you will never need to pay another sent. You own it outright.
  • There technical support is best by far with a dedicated team ready to assist and they respond very quickly to any question at all.
  • You can put it on one cell phone and then if you decide to track someone else you simply can uninstall it remotely and then re install it on another phone, there is absolutely no limit to who many phone you wish to track. Great for employers with multiple company phones all they need to do is grab a license key for each phone they wish to spy on at the same time.
  • And much much more…

Thats my lists of the features and benefits with the Highster Mobile, there are obviously many more and I’m sure you will discover how cool this piece of software is for youself.

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