Hi again in this section of the Highster Mobile Review I will be giving a full list of the features that comes with the Cell Spy Software Highster Mobile.

The development team has tried to include every possible feature that you would require. Its literally like having your only personal Spy Detective keeping you informed on just about any piece of information that you would like to learn about the target phone that the Highster Mobile is installed on.

The Highster Spy Mobile App is run in real time with no delay at all so the information you can access is exactly what is happening 24 hrs a day. Unlike a private spy or detective this software doesn’t sleep , rest or eat and costs near nothing compared to a human spy.

See below for the full list of feature that Highster Mobile provides:

  • Call Recording – it actually records all phone conversations that take place on the target cell phone. It doesn’t matter if the call has been made from the target phone or received. It will then collect the data and recording and put it on your own personal Highster login account where you will be able to retrieve all the data from all the features.
  • Text message Spying – You can access all text messages that have been sent from the target phone or received by it. It will give you the message itself, time it was sent or received and who it was from or sent to.
  • Microphone Activation Live  – You can activate the microphone on the target phone remotely from you laptop, pc or phone so you can listen in on what is happening around the target phone, you can even here a small whisper in the opposite side of the room.
  • GPS Tracker – This mobile phone spying device will also allow you to track the phones location via GPS so you can find out where the target phone is at any time in real time. The accuracy of this app can even pin pint a house address. It then will show you the phones movements or location on a Google Map.
  • Call Logs – It will record every call made including the numbers dialed or received both for phone calls and sms messaging.
  • Picture and Video Spying – You can view all the photo’s and/or video that are on the cell target phone. You can view these on either your home pc, laptop or phone.
  • Listen In On Calls Live –  Now this feature is pretty impressive, you can actually listen in on a call live and it even enables you to here what both parties are saying just like you were on a 3 way phone call or intercom. The best part is that you can be yelling or coughing or making as much noise as you like and they can’t hear you at all. It’s because of the unique cloaking part of this cell spy software that makes it possible for you not to be heard and go completely undetected.
  • Voice mail – Once again similar to the live call listening you can actually listen to all call that have been missed where there is a voice mail message left.
  • Email viewing – Highster Mobile gives you the ability to view every email both sent and received as well.

This Phone Monitoring App is a one of a kind software with its above feature there is no other software that can do all this and remain completely cloaked so every aspect of the HighsterMobile program is undetectable.

To See The Full List Of Features Simply – CLICK HERE