In the world we live in today the internet is the best place to be for most children. The internet is beneficial in many ways, it can be used for communication, school research and playing attractive games among other things. However, there are so many disadvantages when children access the internet without monitoring them.

Some of the obvious dangers letting your children roam the internet on there cell phones or tablets include:

  • Kids seem to expose way too much personal information about their families
  • They can gain easy and sometimes accidental access to pornographic material
  • Cyber bulling and online predators have become a common place worry for many parents including myself.

The worst part for some parents is that the internet is addictive especially to the young who are not so busy. They tend to spend far too much time with their heads in there cell phones on Facebook or simply roaming the internet.

That’s why it is important for the parent to know that unsupervised internet access can be harmful to their kids. The following are ways of ensuring internet safety for our children.

Some Reasons Parents Should Monitor their Children’s Internet Activities.

It’s good idea for guardians to be aware of who their children meet online actually in my eyes this is essential. What they see and who their online friends are and what they expose about their families can be way more harmful than you would first like to believe.

When too much personal information is exposed, the family may be at risk of cyber theft that is advancing on a daily basis.

The biggest problem is the like myself most parents are just far too busy to be monitoring everything that their kids are doing online.

So what could be a solution?

I personally found using a Highster Mobile cell spy app that allows you to monitor all there activities online to be a must. They are cheap, easy to setup and use. You don’t need to be a technical genius to use one of these apps.

The one that I use is called Highster Mobile and this is the one I recommend. Why? Firstly it works and it’s very cheap plus not too mention how damn easy it is to get setup.

Listen this may seem far fetched but unfortunately this is true. Youngsters can join terrorist groups online and no matter how innocent it may be to begin with they can easily be fed with information that can be inappropriate.

They can be bullied or bully others that have psychological effects. Misspelling of a certain word may lead the kid to a porn site that is quiet dangerous.

What Guardians Should Teach the Children about the Internet

The parents should, first of all, explain things to there kids. Exactly what they should do and not do on the internet.

Having a weak password can be prone to hacking so make sure your children are aware of this especially when it comes to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They should always report when an online friend wants to meet them in person or when bullied.

It’s important that you can monitor the at all times so you will know when they are receiving any strange messages from people that they should not be talking to.

It’s important that they know not to install any software without their guardian’s knowledge. It’s also important to make the children aware that spending too much time on the internet is not good and is totally unhealthy. This is another reason I recommend using a monitoring app so all of the above issues are really quite easy to fix or stop completely.

Ways Guardians can Monitor their Children Internet Activities.

Educating our children on safe Internet usage is not enough. Some kids will still break the rules behind our backs or get influenced negatively by friends to do so. That’s why it’s important to come up with ways to monitor our children internet usage and this is where Highster Mobile or similar cell spying apps will come in handy.

This monitoring app can be used in the following ways. The guardian will always be aware of their children’s browsers history.

You can see whether all material that they access on the internet is safe plus you can access their Social media profiles to make sure they are staying safe there as well.

You are even able to block apps or sites that you would not be comfortable for your child to download or access. It can also send an alert email when someone tries to visit the site.

This is just a tip of the ice burg for what this app can do, you can read about all the features on the home page where everything is covered in great detail.

As I have stated software can be used to monitor the children’s internet activities and all their phone or tablet activities. This can all be done from anywhere and one of my personal favorite features is the ability to track them via a GPS tracker.

There are a few software’s which can be used to track children’s internet activities and phone activities. Most of them are hard to understand and use plus they cost a fortune, this is why I recommended Highster Mobile.

It even allows a parent to monitor a loved one in secret, so your children wont know that you are monitoring them.

Other great features include the fact that it can be used to monitor both incoming and outgoing messages including pictures sent in message form like mms .

It can supervise and track all incoming and outgoing calls providing you with all the knowledge about what was said on the call and it will show the date and time of the call. It provides GPS locations showing the exact place your child is and also some history maps on visited places. It has a stealth camera that can take a secret picture of the surroundings.

Highster Mobile has so many features that I have it installed on all of my children’s phones and tablets. It can even access all pictures taken providing you with the date and time it was taken or sent.

It can be used to monitor both outgoing and incoming emails showing you all those details as well. All contacts uploaded can also be viewed. Moreover, it can be used to monitor any social media activity in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many more.

We cannot burn the internet completely for our kids in this era but at least we can monitor what they are exposed so we can be comfortable and our kids can be safe.