Okay one of the biggest questions I get from people is when I get Highster Mobile how do you install it?

  • Well on this page I plan on doing what no other review site or related site does. I will be given you the screen shots with the entire download and install process.
  • How to install it on an Iphone, Android, Blackberry are all almost exactly the same and to save on the extended length of this page I will be displaying the install instructions for the Android devices only.


All the instructions are very similar and when you get the spy app for yourself you will have full access to all the different instructions for every type of phone, Ipad, Kindle device and you will also receive the install step for the bluetooth scanner.

As you aware aware by now if you have read the full Highster Mobile Review that I have written then you will know that I’m an actual user of this cell spy software and that is the only reason why I’m able to give you a look at the install process on this website.

I do hope that this clears up any questions or doubt that any one has about the completeness of the install instructions that you will receive after you purchase through my discount link

If you have not had a chance to read the full review yet I suggest that you do so you can clearly see all the features, benefits, pro’s and con’s about this mobile monitoring software. I personally use it to help me keep track of my teenage kids and you can read all about my personal story at the about me page.

Okay lets get on with it, here’s the images of the install instructions:

Android Phone Install Instructions

Highster Mobile Install For Android

So as you can clearly see from the step by step process above when you get Highster Mobile the instructions to install it are very clearly laid out and as mentioned before are very similar for every type of phone you may want to target.

I hope this helps

Cheers Mark Wightley

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