On this Highster Mobile Review page you will learn more about this amazing cell spy app and the type of people that this spy app will help. If you wanted to see all the features and my personal story including the benefits I found using this app then I suggest you read the main Highster Mobile post here.

Okay so what is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a unique cell spying app that allows the user to track and monitor a cell phone in many different ways. You can among other things read there text messages, track them via GPS, look at the social profiles and messages, Monitor Whats App, Facebook, Twitter and more.

You can even tap into the phones camera and microphone to see what is happening around the phone and listen in.

You can tap in on phone call, record the call, see there contacts plus so much more. See a full list of features here.

I have had some experience using many of the other cell spy software that are available and I must say that Highster Mobile had the most features with of which all of them work. You can access The Highster App here.

This type of software is very useful for many different people and situations. What I have done is just put a quick list of the three most common people that find using the spy software a life saver.

3 Reason’s To Use This Cell Spy App

In A Relationship

Highster mobile for relationships

highster mobile review behind your backOne of the most popular and common people that use the Highster app are those that are in a relationship.


Well in this day and age everyone know that the increase in cheating and the ease at which you can access it on the internet has made this phone monitoring app very popular.

This enables a person to be able to really find out what’s going on behind there back without putting yourself at risk.

It is not only used for that reason, it can be used for a person in a relationship that wishes to keep track of a loved one while they are away on holidays etc.

Whether it be to find out what deceptions are being played out behind your back or whether its to help you keep your partner and loved ones safe. This is a great solution for those in a relationship that need answers.

Parenting Teens In 2017

Highster For Parents

highster mobile review for parentsAnother major use is for parents to have that little helping hand they need to monitor there teenagers.

This is the exact reason why I needed to get this cell spy app and it’s the entire reason why I have written this review.

I can tell you first hand that in this day and age with my wife and I both working without using this cell spy app our Kids are free to run the streets and socialize with whom ever they like on social sites like Facebook.

It really is about time that we as parents have access to the technology that is required to keep an eye on our children’s online and offline activities.

The 3 most popular features that I will discuss in great detail later is the GPS locator, sms retrieval and the social alerts and being able to see what is being said.

I personally feel that this is a must for any busy parents out there that have a young family that wish to keep them safe.

Monitoring Employees

Monitor workers highster mobile

spying boss using Highter Mobile ReviewWell this is the final one of the three top reasons people use this mobile phone spy app but it is not the last. There are tons of other reasons but with this particular one you will find that employers need this spy app quite a lot.

It’s very common to be given a company phone when you start employment with particular companies and those companies pay for all costs involved with the phone.

Some people will and do take advantage of this and can cost the employer a fortune.

There was even a case where an employee was downloading and accessing illegal porn and the owner of the phone was arrested which was the employer who owns the phone.

They eventually got the correct person but the embarrassment was enough to ensure that this would never happen again.

Its great for monitoring your employees work performance and phone use.

So like I said a little earlier this has many different uses and there are many people out there that swear by it for a completely different use. I have even got it on my phone so I can find it when I lose it as I do this a lot.

I simply use the GPS tracker a find it straight away.

Comparison Review Video

So in this next section below I have recorded a quick comparison review video where I cover over 7 other cell spy apps and give you a full rundown on all features and most importantly what there cost are.

I also have found this very useful when people have turned up but are still not quite sure which one to go for. There might be every chance that the one’s you are deciding between is in this video below, Enjoy:

So if you still have not read my personal story as to why I needed to use Highster Mobile then its worth your time to read my story and discover the features, benefits and even more about this unique cell spy application.

To learn about all the features you can read the rest of the review below where I cover each of the features in detail, I also discuss some of the good point and bad points about this app.

Some Important Things You Should Know

  • You only need to install it on the target phone, so the phone you wish to spy on. (Don’t install it on your own phone unless you want to track that as well.)
  • You can uninstall it and reinstall it on another device but you will need a second license key to track 2 phones at once.
  • The App and the spying in 100% completely undetectable.
  • Also if the target phone changes sim cards or providers then don’t worry as it will still work and be totally active on the phone.

Now For My Comparison Review Video

So after using many different cell spy apps, I have had mixed success with many of them and Highster Mobile did stand out to be the easiest to use, had the most features for just a one time payment and also was the most reliable.

It has helped me more than any other app that I have used, this is the reason why I still use it to this day and another reason why I decided to write this Highster Mobile Review.

Now if you would like to get a quick look at what else is available out thee and see the comparison on features and costs involved then check out the video below as I’m sure this will answer any questions you may still have.

So I hope you enjoyed the comparison review as I covered all the cell spy apps I have tried and even a few I have not bothered with. The one I didn’t bother with had very bad reputations and the features plus cost just didn’t seem to match up.

There are a couple of other apps that have great reviews and plenty of happy customers so I decided to give them a try and see how that matched up So I record a couple of other video on both of these ones. Which you can see over at YouTube.

The video’s compare Highster Mobile Vs Mspy and the other one is Highster Mobile Vs Flexispy

What I intend on doing is adding a couple of additional pages to this review site and going into more details on both of these apps and adding the actual review videos onto those pages so you should be able to discover everything you need right here.

Don’t waste your money, your time and put the safety of your family and loved one’s at risk by using anything else. I recommend you take a  serious look at Highster Mobile asap. I hope you are enjoying my review site.

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