The Mobile’s I Installed Highster On And How It Worked

The pest part about Highster Mobile is that it works on every cell phone, tablet or iPad in existence.

highster mobile featuresIt is compatible with more phones than any other out there and works on every provider in the world.

It even works on all prepaid phones as well which is a real plus as my youngest children all have prepaid cell phones.

This was important to me because as you may already be aware I have 4 children and they have plenty of different devices.

Here’s the Breakdown:

My Eldest DaughterShe has an iPhone and an Android tablet

My SonHe has an Android phone which is a HTC phone and he also has an iPad as well which is the mini one.

My 2 Youngest DaughtersOne has a phone which is an Android and they both have Samsung mini tabs as well.

So as you can see I needed a cell spy app that could do all of these and be fairly simple to get up and running.

One of the best features that I found with Highster Mobile is that it’s completely undetectable with no trace that it’s on the target phone at all.

My Highster Mobile Download & Installation Experience With The iPhone

When I first got Highster I felt it was most important to have it on my eldest daughters phone. Now it did require that I jail broke the phone first which was pretty easy when using a particular software. The software I used to do this is called Apple Unlocker.

After I did that, the steps to install the app were as follows: (Note: For Full detailed instructions see here)

Step 1 – Purchase a license and then I was told to use the target phone and search for a particular link (Which they gave me after I purchased)

Step 2 – I then entered in the new license key and hit the go button. (Simple enough and the license details were emailed to me plus all the instructions as well.)

Step 3 – I then followed the few basic prompts, entered in an email address and phone number that I wanted the data sent to.

Step 4 – I saved my settings and followed the last step to hide the app completely. (That’s it I was done)

From there I got an email with a URL to my own personal unique dashboard, this allowed me to log in from anywhere and see all the data the the app had collected for me. From in there I was able to use all the cool features that are on offer.

You can even install the app by transferring the app from your PC to the target device using a USB cable. I personally found this little tricky because I could not get access to the target phone for that long.

The total time it took me to install the spy app was less than 5 minutes.

I found that my favorite features were the Facebook spying and the GPS tracking. Then it occurred to me that I need this app on my own phone.

Why I Installed This Spy App On My Own Phone?

Well I have a tendency to lose my phone or lets call it misplace it. So I figured I could install it on my phone and use the GPS tracker to locate my phone whenever it got misplaced.

Here’s the honest truth ” I’ve used this feature to track my own phone more than 10 times so far” that’s little embarrassing I know but I love the feature and thought I should mention that here.

This is just another reason why I recommend the Highster App.

My Android Installation Of Highster Mobile

Well you will be very happy to know that the installation on an Android device was exactly the sames but without the need to jailbreak the target phone.

So it was as simple as following step 1 to 4 and then making it undetectable, it’s also exactly the same for the Android tablet as well. They gave me great instructions that were very easy to follow because they were set out in a step by step fashion.

There was even a video showing me exactly how to install the app on an actual phone.

So when it comes to downloading and installing the Highster Mobile Spy App I found it quite easy and the fact that it works on all phones and with all providers was a real relief.

Testing The Phone Tracking App For The First time

Testing the features of highster mobile: To begin with I did run a few tests to make sure that the features worked and to make sure it was 100% undetectable.

As soon as I installed it onto my daughters phone I sent her a message to see where she was and then she replied back.

I went onto my dashboard and all the messages were there and in the correct order, with dates, times and whom from and to.

Even better was that whenever my daughter had deleted a message or a call log I was still able to access this information from within my personal dashboard, so I got notified of absolutely every activity on the target phone whether it was deleted or not.

Now when she was asleep I managed to get into her phone and to do this I used a bluetooth scanner which comes with Highster Mobile. This enabled me to get her password. Anyway once I was in I made a call, checked some websites and sent a message as well. After I had done this I checked to see if I was receiving all the data, which I was.

The best part was not matter how hard I tried I could not see any signs that the target phone was being spied on.

To learn about all the features you can read the rest of the review below where I cover each of the features in detail, I also discuss some of the good point and bad points about this app.