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  • Answer: I couldn’t find a free copy of The Highster Mobile Spy App Apk at least “Not The Real One Any Way” I have searched everywhere online.  (Check out my Solution below).

I would like to hope that the video on this page that I have recorded on this software and my initial thoughts on the cell spy software has been helpful in some way.

To read the full Highster Mobile Review and discover what my experiences are with the Software then just keep reading below. I felt it was important to show you I’m a real person that uses this on a daily basis.

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So Why Did I Create This Highster Mobile Review?

Why I Wrote The Highster Mobile ReviewWell the reason that I have written this Highster Mobile Review for you is basically because I’m a very detailed person, who really likes to investigate a product before I purchase it. Initially I started to search online for a phone monitoring software or a good cell spy app that would come with all the features that I needed.

Unfortunately I had no luck finding one that I could trust would work and was left even more lost than when I started out. There are some many spy apps and phone trackers that are complete crap on the internet that it was overwhelming and it really made making a decision totally impossible.

The Reviews that I had read were written by sales men trying to flog off every crappy product out there.

Basically I had to bite the bullet and just start purchasing different ones that sounded good, I spent over $500 trying to get a descent one and every single Spy Software that I purchased let me down.

Not one did what they promised, this left me feeling scammed and scared to purchase anymore plus I was worried that the software would be visible to the person I was tracking, My Daughter and yes a couple of them did give me up, it was quite bad and rather disappointing.

I left it for a while and then about a month later I was having lunch with a bunch of work mates and we got onto the subject of keeping an eye on our teenage kids. Then one of the guys told me about a cell spy software that he used to monitor his kids phone activities and track them via GPS.

I then told him that I had gone down that road only to end up wasting a ton of money. He then piped up and interrupted me while I was bitching about my whole problem and told me about this Highster Mobile Software that he was using to track his kids. This guy has 5 kids and 3 of them were teenagers so it made sense that he would also need this kind of help like me.

He had then went on to tell me about all the so called cool things that this spy software could do, he even filled me in on a few scenarios where it had helped him keep his kids out of trouble.

Basically his teenagers are no different to mine and were skipping school with the wrong crowd and getting dropped of to the movies and heading of to other places like parties that they were not aloud to be at. The only difference was he was quite calm about all this because he knew exactly what they were doing and who they were with because of this cell phone tracking software

So after hearing all this from a person that I trusted I decided to start to check out a little bit more about this software, I didn’t see many good honest reviews on the Highster spy program but I new it worked because of my friend Adam (which is his name by the way).

So I just went ahead and purchased this Mobile Phone Spy Software and to my surprise it worked and is still working. I have never had any problems with the software and the support that they give you with this new technology was second to none.

Now you are probably wondering had great it really is, well the app works seamlessly and after putting it on my daughters phone I was able to get hold of her phone and really check that there was no way she would no I was spying on her using this spy app.

After running a bunch of the different features I couldn’t find any trace of it working on her phone and I was actually looking for it.

So let me answer the question I started off answering ” Why did I create this Highster Spy Review?”. Well After going through what I went through I came up with the idea of this review site as I thought there must be other people out there that were having the same difficulty that I was having.

Thus I wrote this Real Review which I thought was prevalent as I ‘m and actual user of this software. Learn more about me here at the About me section of this site.

Why I Needed Highster Mobile (My personal Drama)

Okay, so the main reason I needed this is as you probably know by now, I wanted to keep an eye on my kids and what they were up to online.

highster mobile login for parentsMainly at the time I got this mobile spy app my biggest worry was my 14 year old daughter. She had fallen into what I like to refer to as the wrong crowd.

We ended up moving to a town that had a lot of unsavory kids/teenagers that she unfortunately connected with straight away.

She was going through that stage where she would defy everything my wife and I asked of her, even if was going to benefit her. Anyway what put us over the edge and got us looking for a spy app was that after school she needed to catch 2 buses to get home.

Both my wife and I worked full time then and were unable to pick her up from school.

On 3 occasions she didn’t come home and when we arrived her younger brother had informed us that she went off with her friends and told him to catch the bus home by himself. To start with, that was irresponsible and upset us but we were also worried where she was and how she intended on getting home.

The first time she arrived we were inside and she came home stinking of cigarettes and I’m sure I could smell pot. Now all these things are pretty typical for a teenager but this was all new to us and we believed it was down to her new choice in friends.

The next time about 2 days later she did the same thing and this time she stumbled as she came through the front door, giggling and decided to go straight to her room. I ended up confronting her to have it out and get to the bottom of it and was shocked to discover she was drunk and wreaked of pot smoke.

So now she was drinking after school with god knows who and smoking the green stuff. My wife and I hit the roof and told her she was not to see her friends anymore and I would take time off work to collect her from school the next day.

As you could imagine this did not go down real well at all. Then later that night at around 1am we heard her talking on her mobile with someone. We asked her who she was talking to that late and she bluntly refused to answer.

So the next day came around and she went off to school feeling rather ill and so she should being drunk the day before. Then in the afternoon I rocked up at the school to pick them up. To my discussed she was not there and I was told by her teacher that she had been missing most of the day.

I had no idea on what was going on and I asked her teacher to point out her new friends or were they missing as well. Now as you could imagine they had also left as well. So I decided to drive around a little to see if I could  see her at a local park or shopping center and I had no luck at all.

Things Got Worse

Father watching Daughter on phoneThings were progressively getting worse so after talking to my wife and looking online for some advice from forums I ended up more confused about what to do than ever.

I found some monitoring app and software that I wanted to try and after trying them I had no luck as they all didn’t work as promised and it just caused more issues than it was worth.

Now after about another month of wasting money on these things and banging my head against a wall, the late night calls continued and the non school attendance got worse.

I ended up chatting to my good friend and work colleague who had 2 young daughters that had been a handful for him and asked how the hell did he handle it and what he recommended.

My biggest concern was how she was getting this drink and pot and who she was with, I new if I didn’t do something soon she could get hurt and things were spiraling out of control.

The Solution

He ended up telling me about a spy app called Highster Mobile that allowed him to monitor his teenagers by checking on there social profiles, friends, calls they made and also he could even track them via a GPS tracker. I told him I had tried similar things and none of them worked.

He assured me this one was different and the best part it was completely undetectable so my daughter would not know I was checking in on her.

I thought this was a great idea and decided to give it a try. When she was in the shower I installed it on her phone and hid the app so it was not visible, it came with very easy instructions and took all of 2 minutes to setup.

Now I’m so glad I did because what we discovered over the next few days was very shocking. First of we read the messages from our own private dashboard and discovered it was some boy she was meeting and they planned to leave school and meet up.

What was even worse was he said in the message that he would pick her up. I saw red as this meant he was over 18 as he could drive.

The next day I called in sick and used the GPS tracker to see where she was. I ended up finding her at one of her frineds older brothers house and they were all sitting around drinking and smoking.

I lost the PLOT

I lost the plot using Highster MobileI literally lost the plot as this guy was over 21 and had a place of his own, he was supplying them with illegal drugs, alcohol and buying them cigarettes. I pretty much threaten him with his life and told him I would be calling the police if he didn’t leave my daughter alone.

Now you guessed it I grounded my daughter and made sure I was at school watching her each afternoon for some time. He never showed up again and I even confiscated her mobile from her and grounded her for quite some time.

My wife and I ended up moving around 3 months later and my daughter spent atleast 2 months hating the both of us but eventually she started to straighten out.

Now I’m not sure what this dead beat idiot’s intentions were but I’m so glad I had the Highster Spy app to discover the truth before something really bad had happened.

It took some work but she eventually met some nicer kids and we still use the app on her phone and tablet as well as our other kids that are still to hit there teenage years.

God help us and where we would be without this mobile tracking app.

So there a quick rundown of the reason why I needed the Highster Mobile app and what happened. If anything I hope this has opened your eyes up to how important it really is to know what your loved one’s are up to. They may seem all good but do you really know what goes on when your not there?

So continue on and read the review and pick up the app asap, its guaranteed and works well.

The Full Review On Highster Mobile – What Is It Exactly?

Highster Mobile Pro, to lay it out as straight forward as possible is a mobile phone tracking and spying app. It allows you to track every possible activity that takes place on the target phone.

At such a cheap price with no ongoing costs ever and with features that enable you to get all call information, read all sms messages both incoming and outgoing, view all there photo’s and video’s, see who’s on their contact list, track them via GPS and much much more. Click here for features or scroll down to see the full list of feature available.

” In Short Highster Mobile Is A Complete One of A Kind Cell Spying Software that Has Been A Life Saver To Me Literally”

So lets get into the review. Firstly this review will be a little different as I’m going to cover actual things that I did, used and discovered while installing and using this cell spy app.

Now I have tried and used quite a few different apps and when push comes to shove I recommend Highster Mobile for 3 major reasons.

All the features work and still work to this day.

  • It’s easy to install, okay so it’s not as simple as making a phone call but compared to all the others I have tried it’s quite easy to do.
  • It’s cheap and only requires one payment with no monthly bills or hidden costs.

With Highster Mobile you get absolutely everything, all the features, private dashboard, the app download link, a license key, support and the step by step instructions as well.

So if you have been investigating which cell spy app to try then I recommend you try Highster Mobile. It even comes with a money back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all.

I hope you enjoy the extra sense of security and peace of mind that this spy app offers all parents and it has been know to help people discover whats going on behind there backs in relationships and it’s also great for employers as well.

If you would like to ask me anything about the Highster Mobile App at all just go to my Contact me page and I will help as best I can.

Also continue reading to discover the benefits, features, what I liked about it and what I didn’t plus you can see even more details on the dedicated Highster Mobile review page.

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