Highster Mobile has a unique way to actually download and install the cell spy app onto the target phone.

One of the biggest questions I get is:

How do I Download the Mobile Phone Spy App and set it up?

On this page I will explain how you actually go about getting you Highster Mobile Download and I will explain how to install it on another page with some screen shot of the actual instructions that you will receive.

The Phone Monitoring Download Process

In reality the download process for Highster Mobile Spy App is really simple because as you are installing it you will be downloading the software as you go.

Here are a couple of important fact that you must know before you attempt to download and install the spy software:

  • Never try to test that it works by installing and downloading it onto your own personal phone. You will need to download and install the software directly onto the target phone.
  • Always check to see whether the software is compatible with the particular phone that you would like to spy on. There is a full list compatible phone that it can be installed on Here…
  • You must make sure that you follow the instruction exactly and to the end as the last few step are where you will be making the software completely undetectable to the person that you are targeting.

The above things are pretty important and need to be made aware so you have every success downloading the software onto the target phone.

What I have done for you is placed an image below of the step in the setup instructions where you will be typing a unique URL into the target phone’s web browser once you do this the software will automatically begin to download onto the target phone.

See the image below for this step:

Highster Mobile Download Image

Now as you can see from the above image I did have to block out my personal URL that was sent to me for security reasons but where it’s blocked out is where a URL that you will have that’s unique to your purchase of the Highster Mobile spy app.

I do hope this quick explanation of how to actually download the software has been helpful in some way. For further installation instruction I suggest you Click Here to learn more.

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