Welcome to the About me page on my Highster Mobile Review Site.

First things first, I thought you would like to know a little about myself ( The Creator Of This Highster Mobile Blog Site ).

Mark Wightley Highster Mobile User and Highster Mobile Review authorMy Name is Mark Wightley and I’m a 35 year old father of four lovely children, I live in Newcastle Australia. I work for a local newspaper where I write a small weekly column. I love to write articles and have reviewed a couple of products that I thought were incredible.

The reason I’m writing this review on Highster Mobile which if you didn’t know is a software that enables you to track employees, children or there are even people that would use this software to check on there spouse after discovering that they may have been unfaithful or simply lying about there daily activities.

I personally have no need to track or spy on my wife’s mobile phone but instead I bought this cell spying software to keep an eye on my children’s activities.

My eldest child is a 14 year old girl and she always seems to be up to no good, there have been occasions when I have feared for her safety.

I only really use the software to keep a track of her movements by a GPS tracking device that comes with the software.

Sounds a bit weird I know but she works part time after school 2 days a week and she also has to travel on 2 separate buses from school to attend her dancing classes. Its simply a god sent to know a the click of a button that she has arrived at her destination safely.

I have 3 other children aged 9, 4 and 3, so life is pretty busy. Without Highster Mobile I would have to restrict my children from living a healthy free lifestyle.

While I have told my daughter that I have the software installed on her phone it is completely cloaked so there is no way that she would be aware.

If you are considering purchasing a Cell Spying software I would recommend Highster Mobile to you as it works and is very cheap ( No Ongoing costs at all). To help in your decision I have written a full review on the product covering all its benefits, features, pro’s and cons.

Take a look at the full Highster Mobile Review Here.

I do hope that the review is helpful and will save you from spending large sums of money from buying dud spy software that are out there. I purchased 3 others before this and every one had let me down, I spent well over $500 in my search for a working spy software.

Mark Wightley