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So Why Did I Create This Highster Mobile Review?

Why I Wrote The Highster Mobile Review

Well the reason that I have written this Highster Mobile Review for you is basically because I’m a very detailed person, who really likes to investigate a product before I purchase it.

Initially I started to search online for a phone monitoring software or a good cell spy app that would come with all the features that I needed, Unfortunately I had no luck finding one that I could trust would work and was left even more lost than when I started out.

There are some many spy apps and phone trackers that are complete crap on the internet that it was overwhelming and it really made making a decision totally impossible. The Reviews that I had read were written by sales men trying to flog off every crappy product out there.

Basically I had to bite the bullet and just start purchasing different ones that sounded good, I spent over $500 trying to get a descent one and every single Spy Software that I purchased let me down.

Not one did what they promised, this left me feeling scammed and scared to purchase anymore plus I was worried that the software would be visible to the person I was tracking, My Daughter and yes a couple of them did give me up, it was quite bad and rather disappointing.

I left it for a while and then about a month later I was having lunch with a bunch of work mates and we got onto the subject of keeping an eye on our teenage kids. Then one of the guys told me about a cell spy software that he used to monitor his kids phone activities and track them via GPS.

I then told him that I had gone down that road only to end up wasting a ton of money. He then piped up and interrupted me while I was bitching about my whole problem and told me about this Highster Mobile Software that he was using to track his kids.

This guy has 5 kids and 3 of them were teenagers so it made sense that he would also need this kind of help like me. He had then went on to tell me about all the so called cool things that this spy software could do, he even filled me in on a few scenarios where it had helped him keep his kids out of trouble.

Basically his teenagers are no different to mine and were skipping school with the wrong crowd and getting dropped of to the movies and heading of to other places like parties that they were not aloud to be at.

The only difference was he was quite calm about all this because he knew exactly what they were doing and who they were with because of this cell phone tracking software

So after hearing all this from a person that I trusted I decided to start to check out a little bit more about this software, I didn’t see many good honest reviews on the Highster spy program but I new it worked because of my friend Adam (which is his name by the way).

So I just went ahead and purchased this Mobile Phone Spy Software and to my surprise it worked and is still working. I have never had any problems with the software and the support that they give you with this new technology was second to none.

Now you are probably wondering had great it really is, well the app works seamlessly and after putting it on my daughters phone I was able to get hold of her phone and really check that there was no way she would no I was spying on her using this spy app.

After running a bunch of the different features I couldn’t find any trace of it working on her phone and I was actually looking for it.

So let me answer the question I started off answering ” Why did I create this Highster Spy Review?”.

Well After going through what I went through I came up with the idea of this review site as I thought there must be other people out there that were having the same difficulty that I was having.

Thus I wrote this Real Review which I thought was prevalent as I ‘m and actual user of this software. Learn more about me here at the About me section of this site.

The Full Review On Highster Mobile – What Is It Exactly?

Highster Mobile to lay it out as straight forward as possible is a mobile phone tracking and spying app. It allows you to track every possible activity that takes place on the target phone. At such a cheap price with no ongoing costs ever and with features that enable you to listen in on calls live, read all sms messages both incoming and outgoing, view all there photo’s and video’s, see who’s on their contact list, track them via GPS and much much more.  Click here or scroll down to see the full list of feature available..

” In Short Highster Mobile Is A Complete One of A Kind Cell Spying Software that Has Been A Life Saver To Me Literally”

If you would like to ask me anything about the program at all just go Here to my Contact me page and I will help as best I can.

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The Mobile’s I Installed Highster On And How It Worked

The pest part about Highster Mobile is that it works on every cell phone, tablet or iPad in existence.

highster mobile featuresIt is compatible with more phones than any other out there and works on every provider in the world.

It even works on all prepaid phones as well which is a real plus as my youngest children all have prepaid cell phones.

This was important to me because as you may already be aware I have 4 children and they have plenty of different devices.

Here’s the Breakdown:

My Eldest DaughterShe has an iPhone and an Android tablet

My SonHe has an Android phone which is a HTC phone and he also has an iPad as well which is the mini one.

My 2 Youngest DaughtersOne has a phone which is an Android and they both have Samsung mini tabs as well.

So as you can see I needed a cell spy app that could do all of these and be fairly simple to get up and running.

One of the best features that I found with Highster Mobile is that it’s completely undetectable with no trace that it’s on the target phone at all.

My Highster Mobile Download & Installation Experience With The iPhone

When I first got Highster I felt it was most important to have it on my eldest daughters phone. Now it did require that I jail broke the phone first which was pretty easy when using a particular software. The software I used to do this is called Apple Unlocker.

After I did that, the steps to install the app were as follows: (Note: For Full detailed instructions see here)

Step 1 – Purchase a license and then I was told to use the target phone and search for a particular link (Which they gave me after I purchased)

Step 2 – I then entered in the new license key and hit the go button. (Simple enough and the license details were emailed to me plus all the instructions as well.)

Step 3 – I then followed the few basic prompts, entered in an email address and phone number that I wanted the data sent to.

Step 4 – I saved my settings and followed the last step to hide the app completely. (That’s it I was done)

From there I got an email with a URL to my own personal unique dashboard, this allowed me to log in from anywhere and see all the data the the app had collected for me. From in there I was able to use all the cool features that are on offer.

You can even install the app by transferring the app from your PC to the target device using a USB cable. I personally found this little tricky because I could not get access to the target phone for that long.

The total time it took me to install the spy app was less than 5 minutes.

I found that my favorite features were the Facebook spying and the GPS tracking. Then it occurred to me that I need this app on my own phone.

Why I Installed This Spy App On My Own Phone?

Well I have a tendency to lose my phone or lets call it misplace it. So I figured I could install it on my phone and use the GPS tracker to locate my phone whenever it got misplaced.

Here’s the honest truth ” I’ve used this feature to track my own phone more than 10 times so far” that’s little embarrassing I know but I love the feature and thought I should mention that here.

This is just another reason why I recommend the Highster App.

My Android Installation Of Highster Mobile

Well you will be very happy to know that the installation on an Android device was exactly the sames but without the need to jailbreak the target phone.

So it was as simple as following step 1 to 4 and then making it undetectable, it’s also exactly the same for the Android tablet as well. They gave me great instructions that were very easy to follow because they were set out in a step by step fashion.

There was even a video showing me exactly how to install the app on an actual phone.

So when it comes to downloading and installing the Highster Mobile Spy App I found it quite easy and the fact that it works on all phones and with all providers was a real relief.

Testing The Phone Tracking App For The First time

Testing the features of highster mobile: To begin with I did run a few tests to make sure that the features worked and to make sure it was 100% undetectable.

As soon as I installed it onto my daughters phone I sent her a message to see where she was and then she replied back.

I went onto my dashboard and all the messages were there and in the correct order, with dates, times and whom from and to.

Even better was that whenever my daughter had deleted a message or a call log I was still able to access this information from within my personal dashboard, so I got notified of absolutely every activity on the target phone whether it was deleted or not.

Now when she was asleep I managed to get into her phone and to do this I used a bluetooth scanner which comes with Highster Mobile. This enabled me to get her password. Anyway once I was in I made a call, checked some websites and sent a message as well. After I had done this I checked to see if I was receiving all the data, which I was.

The best part was not matter how hard I tried I could not see any signs that the target phone was being spied on.

To learn about all the features you can read the rest of the review below where I cover each of the features in detail, I also discuss some of the good point and bad points about this app.

Hi again in this section of the Highster Mobile Review I will be giving a full list of the features that comes with the Cell Spy Software Highster Mobile.

highster mobile proThe development team has tried to include every possible feature that you would require.

Its literally like having your only personal Spy Detective keeping you informed on just about any piece of information that you would like to learn about the target phone that the Highster Mobile is installed on.

The Highster Spy Mobile App is run in real time with no delay at all so the information you can access is exactly what is happening 24 hrs a day.

Unlike a private spy or detective this software doesn’t sleep , rest or eat and costs near nothing compared to a human spy.

See below for the full list of features that Highster Mobile provides:

  • Call Recording – it actually records all phone conversations that take place on the target cell phone. It doesn’t matter if the call has been made from the target phone or received. It will then collect the data put it on your own personal Highster login account where you will be able to retrieve all the data.
  • Text message Spying – You can access all text messages that have been sent from the target phone or received by it. It will give you the message itself, time it was sent or received and who it was from or sent to.
  • Microphone Activation Live – You can activate the microphone on the target phone remotely from you laptop, pc or phone so you can listen in on what is happening around the target phone, you can even here a small whisper in the opposite side of the room.
  • GPS Tracker – This mobile phone spying device will also allow you to track the phones location via GPS so you can find out where the target phone is at any time in real time. The accuracy of this app can even pin pint a house address. It then will show you the phones movements or location on a Google Map.
  • Call Logs – It will record every call made including the numbers dialed or received both for phone calls and sms messaging.
  • Picture and Video Spying – You can view all the photo’s and/or video that are on the cell target phone. You can view these on either your home pc, laptop or phone.
  • Whats App Spying – Spy on whats app messages both incoming and outgoing as well as all the data you need to get the evidence.
  • Voice mail – Once again similar to the live call listening you can actually listen to all call that have been missed where there is a voice mail message left.
  • Email viewing – Highster Mobile gives you the ability to view every email both sent and received as well.
  • Facebook and Social Profile Spying – Spy on all Facebook messages, Social profiles and everything that goes on. It covers all major Social Media platforms as well.

This Phone Monitoring App is a one of a kind software with its above feature there is no other software that can do all this and remain completely cloaked so every aspect of the HighsterMobile program is undetectable.

With new features being added constantly I will try to come back on a regular basis and add to this list.

To See The Full List Of Features Simply – CLICK HERE

the benefits using Highster MobileSo to give you a run down on the benefits with this cell phone spy software Highster Mobile I thought I would give you the things that have benefited me over the course of the time that I have used it.

Whether your situation is similar to mine or not I can’t be sure but for me it was to help myself and my wife sleep easier at night.

Using this spy app allows us the peace of mind knowing that our 14 year old daughter is safe and where she should be.

  • I have 4 other children and in this day and age it is a challenge keeping track of them all and most importantly keeping them safe.
  • I guess another benefit would be to know if your wife or husband is actually working late or not. If you have any doubt as to whether your partner is being faithful and honest then this cell spy software program Highster Mobile is exactly what you would need.
  • Find out exactly who keeps calling your husband , wife or children at midnight.
  • Check on those SMS messages that your kids are sending and receiving late at night. Especially if you suspect that what they are telling you is far from the truth.

For me and my wife we use this to make sure our children are getting to and from school on time and safely with the GPS tracking that it comes with plus it helps us in the way where my eldest has to travel to and from her dance classes that are over an hour away.

She has to catch 2 buses by herself as my wife and I have to work.

Kids need there sports and after school activities and while both parents are working this enables us to allow them a little more freedom with there choices.

The best part about this Highster Mobile Cell Program is that it is completely undetectable to my daughter or though she has been told that it is installed on her phone.

Since we purchased the Highster Mobile Software we have been able to divert around 4 situations that could have led to some harm to my eldest daughter.

I guess this is one of those reasons that helped convince me to write this highster mobile review which I do hope is helpful.

In this constantly changing world where we all seem to be busier and busier it becomes harder to keep our children safe from the many unsavory people out there. We couldn’t live without It.

To SEE The Benefits That Highster Mobile Offers Just CLICK HERE

what I dislike about Highster MobileTo begin with the Highster Mobile Cell spy software had very little that I disliked but in saying that there were a few things that annoyed me more than anything.

Before you decide to purchase Highster Mobile I thought I would put a quick list together of those things that I found annoying.

You personally may not experience these issues.

  • When I first downloaded the Highster Mobile Software I found the initial setup instruction very hard to follow. Although there support team did help me get it up and running. Since then they have obviously had a few complaints and the setup guide is now much easier to understand.
  • Ok,The second thing that peed me off was there support takes around 48hrs to get back to you. I’m not sure but I assume that this has been rectified.
  • The initial interface that you setup was a little tricky to get around I wasn’t sure where to go to collect the information that the software was collecting for me. I must say that issue was really only a problem because I tried to use the software without really using or referring to the user manual that comes with the software.
  • So overall the pro’s on this product totally out weighed the negative points. I love the product now and it has been a god sent when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of my children.

If you notice that in my about me page I have four lovely children so this product that was extremely cheap will be of great use to me for years to come.

stuff I loved about Highster MobileHi there all, I thought you would like to know all the stuff about Highster Mobile that I loved. Below I have written a small list of the pro’s with this unique cell spy software.

In fact there are many more advantages with Highster Mobile than I have listed here, I have just listed those things that stood out to me for the purpose of this Highster Mobile review.

I’m sure you will find that there are many more good points with this software.

See below for my list on features that I personally loved:

  • In my opinion its the best cell spy software available anywhere and its compatible with absolutely every type of cell phone.
  • Highster Mobile will track every text message word for word, there for will have the entire message and sender plus receiver stored on your personal data account.
  • It will track the numbers that have rung and also the number that have called the target phone including all the information about who was called or who called the target phone
  • Enables you to see there exact location at any time of the day or night with the GPS tracking. – Is your partner working or at the pub, Are the kids still at school or the mall where you dropped them off.
  • It’s great for business owners with Company Cars so you can track your employees for increased productivity and to lower costs on fuel and logistics. There location is displayed on a detailed Map through google maps.
  • Simple 5 minute Setup, registration and Activation. With a complete step by step guide on getting up and running.
  • The software has a cloaking device so the phone being tracked will never know that the software has been enabled on there cell.
  • Highster mobile will cost you a very small investment and then you will never need to pay another cent. You own it outright.
  • There technical support is best by far with a dedicated team ready to assist and they respond very quickly to any question at all.
  • You can put it on one cell phone and then if you decide to track someone else you simply can uninstall it remotely and then re install it on another phone, there is absolutely no limit to who many phone you wish to track.
  • Great for employers with multiple company phones all they need to do is grab a license key for each phone they wish to spy on at the same time.
  • And much much more…

That’s my lists of the features and benefits with the Highster Mobile, there are obviously many more and I’m sure you will discover how cool this piece of software is for yourself.

To SEE A Full List Of Everything Highster Mobile Can Do – CLICK HERE

Well we have come to the end of my Highster Mobile Review and to conclude I thought I would give my final word on the spy software Highster Mobile.

Since I have purchased this software it has been hands down the best darn mobile spying software that I have bought and I have bought a few.

If you are like me and you don’t like wasting money or time then I recommend you give this new mobile phone tracking and cell spy software a go, it’s pretty easy to install and the instructions to do this are very step by step.

You can install it on any android, iPhone even the new ios10, Ipads, ipods and tablets, it really does cover every type of phone and need you could possibly imagine.

With all the features that you get with this phone tapping software I only wish I had had the conversation with Adam (my work mate) a lot sooner and I could have saved myself a lot of money and stress trying all the other dud software’s available.

The support “although a little slow” is excellent when it comes to helping you get things setup and that’s only if you need them because setup is pretty simple.

The software can be installed and up and running in a matter of 5 minutes. I only write reviews on products that I own, use and love. They are so confident that you will love it to that they are offering a full 30 day no questions asked money back Guarantee.

Save yourself the headache and grab it today , give it a try for the 30 days. I personally recommend and guarantee highster mobile to be the best on the market today.